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Neurocenter ICU and Orthopaedics

  • The highest standard of neurointensive care for patients after demanding operations of the head and spine
  • Specialized stroke care unit for patients with vascular strokes
  • Equipment and organizational structure to ensure maximum efficiency of treatment and operation


JIP A 485 313 133
JIP B 485 312 208
JIP C 485 312 213
hotline 485 312 213
Building B
Floor 8.
Součásti pracoviště

Department sections

Beds and wards

ICU A – Stroke unit
ICU B – Postoperative (neurosurgery, orthopaedics)
ICU C – Neurointensive
About us

About us

The facility was built in 2011 to work with the neurosurgery and orthopaedic operating theatres. We provide intensive care for neurosurgery and neurology patients (including the stroke programme) as well as those recovering from orthopaedic operations, as the operating theatres are shared. It was built and organized for this purpose. It is divided into 3 sections:

ICU A (stroke unit) provides care for patients with cerebrovascular events that do not require artificial ventilation. It has 5 beds.

ICU B provides early postoperative care and intensive care for neurosurgical and orthopaedic patients who require mechanical ventilation. There are 5 beds for the orthopaedics department and 2 beds for the neurosurgery department.

ICU C is a section with six including two isolated ones. It provides the highest level of intensive care including artificial pulmonary ventilation and advanced forms of neuromonitoring.

The material and organizational background of the individual parts of the ICU is shared, and the beds can be divided up according to the current spectrum of patients.

The entire department is equipped with cutting-edge instrumentation, including mobile CT devices, cerebral microdialysis and oximetry, ultrasound, continuous EEG and other invasive and non-invasive forms of monitoring.  For example, the ability to perform a CT scan at the bed without the need to transport the patient (typically associated with the complications of transferring and connecting them to a transport device) was unique in the Czech Republic until recently and our use of this technology (an annual turnover of up to 700 examinations) brings significant savings of time, increases safety, reduces the risk of bacterial contamination and last but not least reduces the cost of materials used.

The use of advanced diagnostic modalities is routine, while we are still enhancing our equipment and striving for the greatest efficiency and utilization rate. We have been monitoring the hygienic-epidemiological situation in detail since 2000 using our own protocol and have achieved an extremely low amount of hospital (nosocomial) infections. On 1.1.2004 we went beyond the standards of the Czech Republic and implemented daily monitoring of quality of care according to the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, and in combination with the continual education of all healthcare professions we maintain a very high standard of care.

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