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Puncture guided radiofrequency ablation

We provide a method of radiofrequency ablation (RFA) for patients whose back pain is caused by the presence of a specific benign tumour. Under CT control and using navigation instruments in collaboration with a radiologist and traumatologist, we place a probe in the very inside of the tumour to destroy the deposit thermally and thereby stop the pain. We are the first Czech facility to use this method in the spinal area.

The tumours which can be treated by radiofrequency ablation include osteoid osteoma. At our facility we have good experience in the treatment of these neoplasms, which manifest themselves by intense long-term pain. The procedure itself is performed under local anaesthesia, so the patient is conscious during the operation, which does not take place in an operating theatre but in the computed tomography examination room of the radiodiagnostic department. During planning tests we establish the optimal trajectory for reaching the deposit and then introduce the ablative probe under constant control by a CT device. The moment the probe reaches its ideal position heat is generated in the deposit, which works for the required period as established by the parameters for bone tissue. Then the patient is taken back to the ward and after the anaesthesia has worn off they can start to move freely.

Recently the possibilities of this treatment method have been beginning to reveal themselves in other spinal tumours, such as certain types of metastases. However, even here proper preoperative deliberation is a prerequisite for their appropriate indication.